Season 6 Orion Council Channelings

Season 6 Orion Council Channelings

Orion Council mediumship Q&A through Krista Raisa in Sedona, AZ, November 2017 - September 2018

Season 6 Orion Council Channelings
  • S6 E1 Orion Council Channelings

    Overcoming a fear program

  • S6 E2 Orion Council Channelings

    A priest from the council called Inris came through with a struggle, which was humorous but involved some history. This took me a while to edit as the energy was so overwhelming you’ll see I had to lay down to get the message through. The main message, however, was to expand the toroidal field &a...

  • S6 E3 Orion Council Channelings

    Transmission on Errans; frequency; pattern reading; March (of the previous year); a brain particle; past wars; a planet #; energy-sensing and directing; 3rd eye block; racism, countries; solving the past.

    Note: English mainstream language is being used. The channel has been well aware of the ang...

  • S6 E4 Orion Council Channelings

    Channeled message from Orion Council, in Germany, in the forest, with a Higher Self meditation.

  • S6 E5 Orion Council Channelings

    About energy and planet Earth

  • S6 E6 Orion Council Channelings

    A "Karat" comes in with a repeating message on the toroidal field expansion not requiring "sight", then this channeling followed.

  • S6 E7 Orion Council Channelings

    Channeled answers from Orion Council to the following questions in Sedona, AZ on March 30 2018:

    1. How long have humans been on Earth?
    2. How many major civilizations have there been before Atlantis?
    3. What does Orion Council think, regarding the building of landing platforms on Earth?
    4. How d...

  • S6 E8 Orion Council Channelings

    Channeling in Sedona, AZ, amphibious-looking beings from Betelgeuse, Orion on April 28 2018.

  • S6 E9 Orion Council Channelings

    Channeling Orion Council in Sedona AZ on May 28 2018 about: working with crystals; what a pilot does; leaving the planet; 5D; anxiety; healthy communities; a Great Love on Earth

  • S6 E10 Orion Council Channelings

    Orion Council Answering your questions July 8 2018:

    What exactly is the 5th dimension?

    Do parallel lives on other planets help us in our personal ascension?

    Can members of our soul group (achieving ascension) exist in the other dimensions?

    Hello Orion Council, do we have personal power spo...

  • S6E11 Orion Council Channelings

    🌺Channeled message from the property of our friends at Sacred Mythic Journeys 🌺

  • S6 E12 Orion Council Channelings

    Channeling Orion Council on Schnebly Hill September 8 2018 about the grid; allowance; the Akash; past life access; dolphins and whales; sociopathic millennials; fractals.